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To what extent do you agree that a steady rental housing supply is essential, with Arsh Syed?

Exploring Toronto’s real estate market on my blog is all about sharing valuable insights!

Ensuring a sustainable pipeline of rental housing supply is crucial. Meeting the growing demand for rental units, driven by factors like population growth and changing affordability dynamics, requires a strategic approach. By focusing on building and maintaining a steady inventory of rental properties, we can address the housing needs of various demographics, including first-time renters and newcomers. This commitment to a sustainable housing supply is vital for fostering a healthy and competitive rental market in the long run.

I also want to give a brief rundown of Q3 2023, where the Greater Toronto Area experienced a growing demand for rental condominium apartments, with over 14,400 leased. A nearly 8% increase from Q3 2022. The supply of rental units also rose by more than 22%. Factors such as strong population growth, high borrowing costs, and reduced affordability for first-time buyers contributed to sustained rental demand. The average lease rates for one-bedroom and two-bedroom condominium apartments increased by 6.1% and 7.8%, respectively. Despite a rise in the supply of rental units, competition among renters remained strong, supporting above-inflation rent increases. TRREB President Paul Baron expects this trend to persist, emphasizing the need for a sustainable pipeline of rental housing supply.

Trying to predict the rental market is like asking your GPS where the next U-turn is; sometimes it surprises you. But don’t worry, we’ll navigate it together with plenty of patience for the journey!

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