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Canada’s Government Implements Measures to Address Housing Market Challenges, Including a Foreign Homebuyer Ban

Changes to Canadian housing market

The government has made a number of changes to housing and laws in an effort to make living in Canada more affordable. The two-year temporary ban on foreign buyers buying homes in Canada is one of the most important steps. This move is intended to help address the high demand for housing in the country, which has contributed to rising prices in some areas.

In addition to the foreign buyer ban, the government has also introduced a new federal anti-flipping tax, which targets those who sell homes they have owned for less than a year. This is meant to stop people from buying and selling homes just for fun, which can cause price changes in the market.

The Ontario government has also made a number of changes to streamline the development process and reduce delays. These changes are meant to increase the supply of housing and make it easier for developers to bring new homes to market. However, it may be several years before the effects of these changes are seen in the market.

In addition to these housing-related changes, the federal carbon pricing has increased, and there have been increases to the Canadian Pension Plan and employment insurance deductions. These changes may impact the overall cost of living in the country and could affect the housing market. Pharmacists in Ontario also now have the authority to prescribe medications for certain common ailments without a doctor’s prescription, which may make it easier for some people to access healthcare.

In the past few years, both sales and prices of homes in Toronto have gone down. According to data from the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board, the average price of a home sold in Toronto in 2022 was $1,180,000, which was about 8.6% higher than the average selling price in 2021. However, these gains were largely due to a strong performance early in the year.

As inflation rose and the Bank of Canada increased interest rates, home prices in the region began to decline. New home listings were also down in 2022 compared to the previous year, with a decline of 8.2%. Home sales saw a decline of 38.2% in units.

Despite these challenges, there were signs that the market adjustment may be coming to an end, with sales showing a slight increase of 1.1% in December. However, sales were still down 48% from the previous year. There are a lot of things that are working against each other in Toronto’s housing market, like high borrowing costs and a strong demand for housing because of record levels of immigration.

The housing market in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) has also been bad, and prices for new homes have dropped a lot from their high point. It’s important to remember that it’s hard to tell what will happen to the housing market in the future because it depends on so many things, like the economy, population growth, and government policies.

Potential Consequences of Foreign Homebuyer Ban in Canada

Both the Liberals in power and the Conservatives in opposition in Canada have promised that foreigners won’t be able to buy homes in Canada for at least the next two years. This plan is based on provincial taxes that were put on foreign homebuyers in 2016 and 2017 in British Columbia and Ontario, which have the hottest housing markets.

While there is little data available on how many foreigners own homes in Canada, a study by Statistics Canada in 2017 found that non-residents owned about 3.4% of all homes in Toronto and 4.8% of homes in the Vancouver housing market. Condominium apartments were the most popular type of home for non-residents to buy. In Toronto and Vancouver, non-residents owned 7.2% and 7.9% of condos, respectively.

Canadians are the most common foreign buyers of homes in the United States. Between April 2020 and March 2021, 8% of all homes bought by people who were not U.S. citizens or Green Card holders were by Canadians. Some experts warn that a federally-imposed ban on foreign homebuyers in Canada could lead to retaliation from other countries, including the United States.

It is always a good idea to do research and carefully consider these factors before making any decisions about buying or selling a home.

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