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My Voice, My Community Wants a Solution to Real Estate Housing Market Crisis!


My Voice, My Community Wants a Solution to Real Estate Housing Market Crisis!

My Voice, My Community Wants a Solution to Real Estate Housing Market Crisis!

In today’s Real Estate Housing Market renting a house is one of the most important and emotional decisions that families, people of color, and single people can make. Rents in Toronto are going up at the fastest rate in more than a decade, and everyone is trying to keep up, because there is not enough affordable housing available. The affordable housing gap is on the verge of a disaster due to a shortage of affordable housing.

It is important to recognize that growing demand for rental housing has an impact on communities who discovered Canada. And Indigenous peoples face the same challenges as other racialized groups in the rental housing market.

In Toronto, where rents are known to be on the rise, a standard unfurnished shoebox-sized apartment costs around $2,000 per month to rent.

People need shelter, so they have fewer alternatives except to rent at a higher cost; yet, people’s offers to lease are being declined because, in certain situations, they do not have the needed income or sufficient income to satisfy the landlord, or they have poor credit. And this indicates that we are not meeting the housing needs of these families.

Most individuals I have met consider moving to other regions of the province or perhaps other parts of the country, but realistically it is not a solution. Since there are greater employment prospects in Toronto, most new immigrants end up settling there, but their biggest challenge is obtaining safe and affordable accommodation.

Middle-class families are being priced out of the rising rental market due to overburdened housing assistance programs. What do you think is the solution to the housing crisis? Comments below!

If you have been considering Buying, Selling, or Renting your home or have avoided the notion due to a negative experience, let Arsh Syed, a Real Estate Agent in Toronto, manage the transaction.

His experience and understanding have been indispensable. He desires Toronto’s housing crisis to improve. He wants to establish relationships and spread the word about his exceptional service, increasing the likelihood that renters and property owners would place their faith in him.

Arsh wants property owners to know that by hiring him, they are drastically reducing risks, saving time and saving money.

For further information about his services, please visit or contact (416) 844-2217.

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