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Tom Ferry: A leading figure in real estate industry, renowned educator, author, speaker and CEO of Ferry International

Tom Ferry and Arsh Syed

Tom Ferry is a leading figure in the real estate industry, known for his expertise in coaching, training, and personal development. He is a best-selling author of “Life! By Design” and “Mindset, Model, and Marketing!” and is the founder and CEO of Ferry International, a leading coaching and training company in the real estate industry worldwide. He is also the #1 ranked Real Estate Educator by Swanepoel Power 200.

Tom’s approach to coaching is highly practical and results-driven, and he stresses the importance of implementing specific strategies and systems to achieve success in real estate. He also encourages agents to focus on personal development, and helps them balance their personal and professional lives.

He began his career in the early 1990s, working as a salesperson in Southern California, and eventually developed a successful coaching program that he began teaching to other real estate professionals. In 2001, he founded Tom Ferry International, which has since grown into one of the largest and most successful coaching and training companies in the real estate industry.

Tom is also an accomplished author, having written several books on the subject of real estate, including the bestselling “Life! By Design: 7 Steps to a More Meaningful and Fulfilling Life.” He is a highly sought-after and renowned speaker, known for his charisma and ability to connect with audiences.

He also maintains an active online presence, including a YouTube channel, where he shares educational resources and tips for agents and brokers. Through his company and his work, Tom Ferry has helped thousands of real estate professionals around the world achieve success in their careers. He is a highly reputable figure in the real estate industry, respected for his knowledge and reputation in the industry.

Tom Ferry is well-known for using certain phrases frequently in his coaching, training, and speaking engagements. These phrases often revolve around key concepts such as mindset, model, marketing, personal development, lead generation, sales, accountability, systems, and strategies. He also emphasizes the importance of achieving success and building a prosperous business, as well as fulfilling one’s potential and having a love and passion for life within the real estate industry.

In addition to his use of formal language, Tom Ferry also incorporates the use of informal language in his coaching, training, and speaking engagements. Some examples of these phrases include:

“Pump up” to motivate or encourage someone
“crush it” to do something with great success or excellence
“bring it” to give one’s best effort
“own it” to take full responsibility
“rise up” to overcome challenges
“step up” to improve oneself
“level up” to improve or advance to the next level
“rock it” to do something exceptionally well
“if it’s not in your schedule, it doesn’t exist”
“do the thing have the power”
“power versus force, power versus push” to empower himself and his clients
“Yes or Yes” in specific context or as part of a larger concept

In one of his podcast episodes, Tom Ferry shared that that he has devoted more than 20 years of his life to providing the best business building strategies. He also emphasized the significance of a positive mindset, stating that having a mantra of “today is going to be the best day ever” can help start the day with a positive outlook. He acknowledged the emotional highs and lows one faces in the industry and the importance of designing one’s day by scheduling, setting a purpose and mission, and taking action on things that empower them. He also spoke about the importance of scheduling and how it can help increase productivity and fulfillment.

Furthermore, he discussed the strategies that top successful people use to achieve success. He mentioned that after 35,000 hours of coaching, he has identified that there isn’t one thing that makes someone successful, but five things that the best people do. He calls it “Five to Thrive” and stresses the importance of daily planning, focusing on specific measurable results one want to produce that day. He also emphasized the importance of starting the day by being grateful for what one already have and committing to achieving the goals one has set. He also mentioned that doing the inner work every day is important to improve mental toughness and to be emotionally ready for work.

Tom Ferry1 Tom Ferry

In this podcast episode, Tom Ferry discussed strategies for staying focused and achieving goals. He suggests that the key is to create structure and routines that will lead to success. This can include hiring a coach, scheduling regular meetings with a group of people to make calls together, or sharing your goals with friends and family. To stay accountable, Tom also recommends making your goals public, and finding ways to make it a benefit for others. He also suggests using “haters” or negative people to remind him of his goal and to push him to achieve it.

He acknowledges that it can be challenging to stay present and focused, and that he sometimes gets distracted. He suggests that maintaining consistent energy levels and staying mindful of his outcome or goal can help him stay focused. He also advises eating for consistent energy and focus. He stresses the importance of staying present in order to build rapport with others and maintain good relationships. He also suggests that to deal with negativity, he limits his exposure to news and surrounds himself with positive people and situations. He also mentions that sometimes it’s necessary to step away, interrupt your pattern and refresh oneself.

Tom Ferry

In this podcast episode, Tom Ferry is answering questions about how to build a listing pipeline with no budget. He suggests focusing marketing and prospecting efforts around recent sales, approaching for sale by owners, going after expired listings, and bringing value to the client’s database by creating a three to four minute CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) of their home, sending it in the mail with a note, which educate them about the value of their home and would results in percentage of them ready to sell.

Tom Ferry

In this podcast episode, Tom Ferry is sharing four no-brainer hacks to generate new listings. The first hack is to leverage one of your committed buyers who have been qualified, approved, and ready to buy. Identify the neighborhood they want to buy in and hand-address and hand-stamp every piece of mail without any company logo. Inside the envelope, include a letter that says, “Dear neighbor, I’m representing a client who’s interested in buying your home.” The message includes cash buyer, pre-qualified, and ready to buy specific property details and a one-day listing for the potential seller to consider. This hack claims to get a listing and sell it with an $8,000 commission on a $100 marketing spend.

Tom Ferry

In this podcast episode, Tom Ferry is answering the number one question that real estate professionals are often asked: “how’s the market?”. He mentions that this question can be asked anywhere between 70-100 times a month, and if not answered effectively, it can be a missed opportunity for lead generation and marketing. He suggests that when answering this question, instead of giving a vague or generic response, agents should provide valuable information and ask the prospect if they are considering selling their property or if they need help in the market. He claims that when answered effectively, this question can be a goldmine for lead generation and marketing, it’s free and easy.

Tom 7 way to book 1 Tom Ferry

In this podcast episode, Tom Ferry’s show episode 25 is discussing 7 ways to generate more appointments and convert more leads. He points out that while generating leads has become easy, converting them to appointments is a challenge. He suggests that one way to improve conversion is to be clear on your outcome before making a call, email, text, or video to a lead. He also suggests affirming what you want by visualizing your outcome before making a call and being positive about the client wanting to sell or move. He further shares some other strategies to convert leads such as nurturing, storytelling and being strategic in follow ups.

Tom Focus Tom Ferry

In this podcast episode, Tom Ferry is discussing the issue of distraction in business. He argues that people have become too easily distracted by technology and the constant stream of information that it provides. He also emphasizes that people are not prioritizing how they spend their time, resulting in them not feeling like they have accomplished much by the end of the day. Tom Ferry suggests that the key to success in business is to have a focal point and to remove all distractions so that maximum results can be achieved with great effort.

Tom Life Career Tom Ferry

In this podcast episode, Tom Ferry, reflects on various moments throughout his life and career where he said “yes” to advice or guidance from mentors, and how it has shaped his life and career. He also highlights the importance of work ethic, which he learned from his father and how it helped him in his career. He also talks about how his experience of helping his father with his business at a young age sparked a love for entrepreneurship.

He mentions the transition from being a buyer’s agent to a listing agent and how he built his business by doing local office presentations, and how a conversation with a friend Rick Kurtz who recommended this strategy helped him grow his business from startup to almost 10 million dollars in revenue in three years. He also talks about his transition from traditional blogging to using video content on YouTube, and how it allowed for more engagement and interaction with viewers. He also talks about an instance where he hired Gary Vaynerchuk to speak at an event, and how he learned from Vaynerchuk to drop the “coach” title and just be himself.

Tom Ferry and Gary 1 Tom Ferry

Tom Ferry hosts Gary Vaynerchuk in a podcast episode where they discuss Gary’s social media agency, VaynerMedia, its growth from 30 to 250 employees and its focus on producing content for major companies on various social media platforms. He is in talks for a major television deal and working on a new book called “Jab Jab Jab Right Hook.

He reflects on the state of social media and how it began during a time of economic crisis and how as the market turns, people will invest in social media for different reasons. He also talks about the importance of self-awareness and maintaining a pro-growth mindset and suggests building a team of five people with different roles to provide guidance and advice.

It is my honor to share some reflections on Tom Ferry!

I had the pleasure of discovering Tom Ferry and his work through his YouTube channel. He is truly an inspiration to me and has become a hero in the real estate industry. His wealth of knowledge and expertise in coaching, training, and personal development is unmatched. His approach is highly practical and results-driven, and he stresses the importance of implementing specific strategies and systems in order to achieve success in real estate.

One of the things I appreciate most about Tom is his emphasis on personal development and balance in one’s personal and professional life. He is a renowned speaker, author, and coach, and his influence has helped thousands of real estate professionals around the world achieve success in their careers.

I have gained a wealth of knowledge from watching Tom’s videos and utilizing the free resources he provides on his YouTube channel. He has played a pivotal role in my own professional development and growth. I highly recommend Tom Ferry to anyone looking to improve their skills in the real estate industry. He truly is a key figure in the industry and has provided opportunities for learning, good experiences, and has nurtured and guided many of us.

Arsh Syed, Licensed Real Estate Agent in Toronto

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