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You Should Never Judge Someone Based on Their Looks!


You Should Never Judge Someone Based on Their Looks!

You Should Never Judge Someone Based on Their Looks

This is a story of two Real Estate Agents, A white guy and an America-African woman. White Agent judged clients based on their physical looks. On the other hand, Black Agent was compassionate and would assist any clients regardless of their physical looks. Both were hosting an open house for a $3M listing.  This is the most desirable listing on the market. Imagine the commission on selling it was $90,000, wow, said the Black Agent I could pay off my student loan with that much money. White Agent, oh a novice like you could never sell a home like this, if it is going to be sold, it will be by me. Black Agent just disregarded him and walked to the side. 

Simultaneously, one Male Client entered the house. This Client was a guy in his fifties, wearing plain clothing, and carrying a bag, White Agent instantly said hello and welcome to our open house. Male Client said, thank you wow this home is beautiful and questioned both Agents, can one of you please show me around. White Agent answered, well I am sorry, but this is a $3 M house and out of your price range. Male Client said, well if it’s okay I would like to see it. Simultaneously Client saw the Sandwich-laden table and questioned the White Agent oh I see you have sandwiches upstairs. White Agent, oh these are for serious buyers only look I don’t want to waste my time today maybe there’s another neighborhood that will have.

Immediately Black Agent entered the room and said No problem, please help yourself Client said, thank you so much, White Agent inquired as to what Black Agent was doing. Black Agent said helping a potential buyer, White Agent said, he clearly can’t afford this house I mean just look at him, I know his type and he’s just here for the free food.

Black Agent, Well I believe in helping people besides you should never judge someone based on their looks. 

In the meanwhile, another female client wearing a bright dress and carrying an expensive handbag entered the house.  White Agent said instantly, hello welcome to our open house and I love your bag by the way. Female Client Thanks this House is great. White Agent, Correct, and based on your looks, you can most certainly afford this house, come on let me give you a tour. Female Client, oh that is unnecessary I have viewed all the images online and am prepared to make an offer. White Agent, Then I will simply meet you on the second floor and we will begin the paperwork. White Agent, May I get you a sandwich or anything else. Female Client, yes that’d be fantastic.  

On the other side Black Agent asked the Male Client, are you ready for the tour. Simultaneously, White Agent stood next to them and said to Black Agent in front of her Male Client, actually it won’t be necessary, since my Female Client is about to make an offer over there. 

White Agent also advised Black Agent, don’t waste your time with the poor looking people, maybe then you will actually sell a home. Black Agent stated to Male Client I am so sorry, but it appears like there may already be a buyer for this property. But if you would like. I would be glad to show it to you. Male Client, That would be lovely. 

White Agent informed his client, that he had just submitted her loan application to the bank. Female Client, do you believe, I will be accepted? White Agent, I mean someone of your status should have no problem getting approved.

On the other side Black Agent was assuring her client, That the kitchen had just been redone with hardwood flooring, granite countertops and high-end appliances. Male Client, wow you really know your stuff. Black Agent, yes thanks, I do my best. I have college debts to pay off, so I was really hoping to sell house. Male Client why are you still helping me, you must think that I can’t afford to buy this house. Black Agent, Well I really like helping people and I have learnt that you should never judge someone based on their looks. Male Client, I really like that.

White Agent was completing the loan application for his client while saying, huh, that is unusual. Female Client, Is there a problem. White Agent, it indicates that your loan was refused. Female Client, what, come on, you must be able to do something. White Agent, Well let me try increasing the down payment to 20% which is $600,000 if you are good with that.

Female Client are you crazy, I don’t have that much money. White Agent, what do you mean, you’re carrying a louis Vuitton purse? Obviously, you have money. Female Client don’t tell anyone that louis Vuitton is fake. White Agent, I can’t believe it. Female Client, Before I go, may I get some more sandwiches. 

White Agent moved regretfully to the other room where Black Agent was helping her client. Black Agent, how did it go, did she buy the house. White Agent, no her loan ended up getting denied. Black Agent, I am sorry for this. 

I will buy it, replied Male Client, The Black Agent said, Oh my goodness, that would be incredible, I will get the paperwork going right away. White Agent, if my client loan application was denied, there is no chance yours will be granted. Male Client, I will write a check for the whole amount. White Agent, how do you have so much money. Male Client, I am a real estate investor and I own many homes, I dress this way because I want people to help me for me, not for my money by the way I could really use a good agent to help me with other listings as well and I am sure you get your student loans paid off in no time. Black Agent, oh my gosh, thank you so much that’s goanna change my life. 

When the Male Client departed, the Black Agent stated to the White Agent, hey take my advice next time and never judge someone based on their looks maybe then you will actually sell a home.  
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