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Freehold Townhomes in Brampton, Confortable & Sustainable!

Honeystone is more than just a community, it’s a harmonious blend of house and home in the prime West Brampton area. Nestled at the intersection of Mississauga Road and Bovaird Drive, Honeystone occupies a central role in Heritagede Heights, a thriving and sustainable community designed to enhance residents’ quality of life. This development is a significant step towards fulfilling Brampton’s 2040 Vision, where a new town center emerges, offering mixed-use developments, ample work opportunities, and housing options.

At Honeystone, the essence of a home goes beyond bricks and mortar. These freehold townhomes are meticulously designed to strike a balance between architectural elegance and the warmth that transforms a house into a beloved home. Each residence features private spaces for quiet reflection and open living areas that encourage togetherness, creating a sanctuary that caters to both individual needs and family bonds.

Honeystone draws inspiration from the intricate harmony found in a beehive, where diverse bees collaborate to form a perfect honeycomb. Likewise, this community thrives on the collective energy of its residents. It weaves a vibrant tapestry where individuals come together, fostering a flourishing community that cherishes shared experiences and fosters a deep sense of belonging.

Brief view

Freehold townhomes in Brampton, 1st Phase Release


Prices starting from $850,000

Conveniently located next to Mount Pleasant GO Station on Bovaird and Mississauga Rd

Expected closing in 2025

Three types of freehold townhomes available:

Nutmeg: 1395 sq ft for $849,990

Lavender (with a double-car garage): 1956 sq ft for $1,024,990

Cassia (backing onto a pond): 1981 sq ft for $1,039,990

Assignment fees are 50% off

Within 1km of Mount Pleasant Station

Surrounded by 28 acres of parks and greenspace

Extended deposit structure for each type of townhome:

Terrace Townhomes: Total $100,000 over half a year

Laneway Townhomes: Total $120,000 over half a year

Executive Townhomes: Total $120,000 over half a year

Additional incentives include:

$5,000 in decor dollars

Appliance voucher

Capped levies at $7,500

Exterior pot lights

Smooth ceilings on the main (or ground) floor

Air conditioner and ERV

Oversized windows

9’ ceiling heights on at least two floors

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